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The Goal of Aikido Mastery

A ikido is a modern Japanese martial art that started in the early 20th century, evolving from a more traditional skills such as Daito-Ryu Aiki-Jiujitsu (led by the Takeda family for centuries), some traditional weapons skills like the wooden sword (Bokken), short staff (Jo) and more. the focus in Aikido is to peacefully and non-aggressively subdue an attack through a variety of techniques, conducted in a non-forceful way. Aikido mastery takes years of consistent and devoted practice but as skills evolves, it is second to none and extremely rewarding. The true reward is not in the techniques performed, but the development of the conduct that guides the practice and gradually becomes our nature. Traditional Japanese Martial arts were meant to develop the practitioner as a SAMURAI . The word "Samurai" is derived from the term "Samuru", means: "To Serve". Just like the understanding of a high degree soldier, or, and OFFICER, in the western concept, the Samura

Shiatsu-Anma for Maintenance

Shiatsu-Anma , Japanese traditional Acupressure therapy and bodywork, has served as part of traditional Asian medicine for centuries, aiding patients in promoting their health, alleviating many common ailments and even helping cure serious conditions, under the guidance of professional healers. This art is still in use around the world nowadays, promoting our natural healing powers in our bodies. The benefits of pressure therapy include regulating nerve control and removing accumulated tensions from various tissues, hence help the body's physiology recorrect itself and promote its natural metabolic balance. Shiatsu-Anma therapy can benefit the body both locally and remotely (reflexed effect) so to promote free and natural functioning. To most people, massage and bodywork are accepted as merely a casual relief of symptoms and therefore, single casual treatments are more popular in modern times. There are many factors that may contribute to that, such as costly treatments in a challe