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Shiatsu-Anma for Maintenance

Shiatsu Maintenance
, Japanese traditional Acupressure therapy and bodywork, has served as part of traditional Asian medicine for centuries, aiding patients in promoting their health, alleviating many common ailments and even helping cure serious conditions, under the guidance of professional healers. This art is still in use around the world nowadays, promoting our natural healing powers in our bodies.

The benefits of pressure therapy include regulating nerve control and removing accumulated tensions from various tissues, hence help the body's physiology recorrect itself and promote its natural metabolic balance. Shiatsu-Anma therapy can benefit the body both locally and remotely (reflexed effect) so to promote free and natural functioning.

To most people, massage and bodywork are accepted as merely a casual relief of symptoms and therefore, single casual treatments are more popular in modern times. There are many factors that may contribute to that, such as costly treatments in a challenging economy, the lack of awareness for natural self healing, the Medical industry that pushes invasive medicine on the majority of the public, a superficial understanding of the "Massage" industry, mostly understood as means of relief or even entertainment, and more.
But more and more people are beginning to be exposed to the deeper benefits and health-value that massage, bodywork and Acupressure can provide.
Additional information about Shiatsu-Anma can be read here:

When treated regularly, Shiatsu-Anma can help promote:
  1. Constant/gradual improvement: Many times, improvement is a process and can only be obvious after a number of treatments, especially in the case of chronic conditions that the body have gone "used" to. Regularly treating can build up a positive impact and also train the client to better cooperate with the treatments.
  2. Prevention: Constantly balancing the body's functioning and removing daily residual tensions and blockages helps to keep the immune system and energy optimal, and by that help lower the chance of deteriorating body cells, tissues and systems, or getting sickness or injury. Injuries are most likely to occur when our body lacks ideal circulation, proprioception and coordination. Sickness can most-likely occur in an exhausted and under-circulated body. Regular treatments can manage that. 
  3. Learning process: it takes time to really "map" our body and learn its most weak and sensitive points/areas. Regular clients realize often, after a while that they are more aware of their body and its needs, its weaknesses and its potential. This is an important phase in knowing how the condition evolved and how to improve it, gradually increasing body awareness.
  4. Culture of self mastery: Many regular clients naturally, throughout the process, learn to adopt effective techniques I apply them at home, adding much to their body maintenance and management. Many techniques are very easy to apply and are very effective in improving body's energy and functioning. Many times I realize these individuals improve much better!
  5. Saving costs/fees: Adopting Shiatsu-Anma regularly can help lower the need for costly and invasive medicinal treatments in the future, since the awareness of the body's natural health and immunity is gradually gradually improved and can take over other medicinal measures such as medications etc.

An examples I remember from my early days as a therapist was a young man in his early 30's, came in with a bad stomach, and only after 4 sessions of abdominal treatment (Jap. "Ampuku") he felt much better but still kept coming back. after a few more sessions he reported of starting to practice the manual techniques on his own. Later on he even reported practicing them on his girlfriend, so they both benefitted and enjoyed the practice. How wonderful!

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Shiatsu-Anma therapy offers a unique approach to holistic maintenance, focusing on the body's energy balance and overall well-being. By incorporating this practice into your wellness routine, you can experience the benefits of stress reduction, pain relief, improved circulation, and mental balance. Whether you opt for professional sessions or learn self-Shiatsu techniques, embracing this ancient Japanese practice could contribute positively to your health journey. Remember to consult with a professional therapist (e.g. me) before starting treatments, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions.
Regular treatments are provided for special affordable rates in my practice location in Winter-Park, FL, Individuals who enjoy the benefits of regular therapy also get additional benefits such as additional means of informal education and tips (periodic members newsletter etc.) and more. I welcome you to come try my sessions and sign in for regular treatments, so to improve your body's health! More info at:


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