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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome And Shiatsu-Anma

My first ever encounter with “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” happened years ago in Israel, when I was employed in an integrative healthcare clinic. I was assigned to a woman in her 60’s who was an office worker and was scheduled for an operation on her hand due to having this condition. She was also smoking chronically and I could feel her body was very stiff. I came to realized that addressing the problem locally is just insufficient for a good effect.

So it took me only two sessions to alleviate her condition to her great surprise and to lead her into canceling her scheduled operation since she got amazingly much better!

During those sessions I worked mostly on her forearm (Meridians: Pericardium and Tripple-Warmer), pressing and stretching/rotating her hand and working on her upper back/scapular areas and neck to better circulate them. Her chest was very stiff (PC energy) so I had to palm pressure it to improve circulation and breathing a bit.

After those two sessions she stayed more to work on the whole body for stress relief and general function. We realized she has much more pain and stiffness in the body and gradually she got better. She became a regular client of mine for a long time and never needed a Carpal Tunnel surgery since then!

Ever since then I had many more treatments for CTS and other wrist and arm cases in which I found out Shiatsu and Anma to be very helpful and beneficial. In fact this is one of my highest rates of success in helping people! So if you have such a disability or know anyone who may need my help please contact me and allow me to help!

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